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What is a Scholarly Article?

A scholarly article is an article that has been review by a panel of experts in the field, and is written by professors, researchers or other experts in the field.  These articles (or journals) are also sometimes referred to as academic articles or journals, peer-reviewed or referred articles/journals.  Some of the distinguishing factors between a magazine (like Time or Newsweek) and a journal are:

Time cover
  • Usually has a photo on its cover.
  • Usually includes photographs or illustrations.
  • Normally contains advertisements.
  • Articles are usually short (1-5 pages).
  • Content aimed at a general audience.
  • Includes opinion, news or feature articles.
  • Articles usually have no bibliography.
  • Article titles are short, simple and sometimes cryptic. For example,
    "Behind the Veil: Women in Afghanistan" from TIME magazine.

American Sociological Review cover
  • Often uni-colored and/or sober colored covers.
  • Has fewer or no advertisements.
  • Has fewer or no photographs.
  • Articles are usually long.
  • Aimed at a more knowledgeable audience. Language is more technical.
  • Articles are accompanied by charts, graphs and tables.
  • Articles always include a bibliography or list of references.
  • Articles titles are usually long and descriptive. For example,
    "Cognitive Biases and Emotional Wisdom in the Evolution of Conflict Between the Sexes" from CURRENT DIRECTIONS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE.

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